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Q: What did you think when Ronnie first proposed the idea of you guys doing a Brooks & Dunn Tribute show?

JOEY : “Ronnie and I are best friends, and we have this chemistry together that made me believe we could do this, and do it justice. We’d just got done busting our rear ends on stage at a honky tonk, and we were winding cables and loading the gear out, just the two of us ‘cause the rest of the band had split, and Ronnie went out to his truck and got this flyer and handed it to me. It had the ‘Borderline’ logo, the steer head, the caption ‘A Tribute To Brooks & Dunn’, and a silhouette of Ronnie & Kix like they were all shadowed so you couldn’t make out their faces but you could tell who they were by Ronnie Dunn’s hair and Kix’s hat…he said ‘That’s us.’ And I said hell yes.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing the role of Kix Brooks?

JOEY: “I have always loved to put on a show. From what I know about Kix, that’s one thing I think we have in common – we’ll do anything to entertain the audience, get wild, get loud, get rowdy, jump around like crazy, and love it or hate it it’s gonna get a reaction.”

Q: What’s the toughest aspect of pulling this off?

JOEY: “Waking up the next morning after a show and feeling like you’ve been stomped on by a two-ton bull…this gig is very physically demanding, and while Ronnie’s standing there singing I’m running circles around him, duck walking, boot scootin’, shaking my rear end, dancing with the pretty girls in the audience, throwing my guitar around, singing lead, singing harmony. But I’m not complaining, this show is a dream come true for both of us.”

Q: What’s your favorite all-time Brooks & Dunn song?

JOEY: “Well, I have to pick a Kix song, and there are so many good ones that were never released as singles but are classics nonetheless. But ‘Days Of Thunder’ stands out for me…the way Kix phrases the vocal, the feelings behind the lyrics, the power of the tune itself, and the video because I’m a big NASCAR fan, that song just does it for me.”

Q: Any last words?

JOEY: “I gotta thank Brooks & Dunn for all their hard work, for making so much great music and sticking with it all these years, and I hope they keep going for a long time to come. Because of what they’ve accomplished, I get to do what we’re doing now. I was driving down the road the other day and a good-looking girl leaned out the passenger window of the car next to me…she held up a copy of ‘Steers & Stripes’ and yelled ‘Is this you?’ I shook my head and smiled, but in my mind I thought, ‘Only after the sun goes down…”