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~~~ Borderline ~~~, Brooks & Dunn Tribute - A Review

by Kathy LeoGrande

Posted on the Brooks & Dunn Webboard


December 12 2004

As most of you know, I spent the weekend in Nashville and took a side trip (yikes, what a side trip! almost 50 miles southwest of Brentwood) to see the band 'Borderline'. I promised to write a review and post pics (the pics will have to wait until tomorrow, I just got home and haven't brought them in for developing).
Here's my review...

It is said that imitation is the highest form of praise. In that regard, I think Kix & Ronnie would be pleased by the performance of Borderline (Joey "Kix" Hart and Ronnie Lee). First of all, Joey and Ronnie are die-hard B&D Fans. This is their passion and although they have been performing as Borderline for a mere 3 months, this has become their 'day job' as well. They are hard-working men (no pun intended) who are doing what they love and it shows. I arrived at the bar during soundcheck, took one look at Joey "Kix" and just smiled. The guy's a dead ringer. Ronnie (what a cutie, sorry, Ronnie) recognized me right away - I must have had New Yawker stamped on my forehead - came on over to chat and then needed to get into character.

They put on TWO shows, each lasting about 1 hr. 20 mins. with an intermission of about 45 mins. The set list for both shows appears below. Since I know everyone likes lots of details, the first show had Ronnie dressed in "Black Dunn";black jeans with the silver buttons down the legs, black shirt and the short black jacket. Kix had on a flames shirt (I forgot the color, red/yellow?) and jeans, and of course his hat. The first show opened with "OIA" and a nice job. Instead of confetti, two American flags unfurled at that part, which was a nice touch (I should mention that the bar is small, I'm guessing about 150-200 people were there). They performed "It's Getting Better All the Time" for the first time last night, and I tell you Ronnie nailed it. He did a really nice job. Also in the first show, a favorite of a lot of ours, "Born and Raised in Black & White". The guys did a great job on this one as well. They did "Rock My World" and Joey "Kix" did a real nice job.

The set list for the first show, in order:
Only in America
Red Dirt Road
My Maria
Lost & Found
The Long Goodbye
Ain't Nothing About You
You're Gonna Miss Me...
Brand New Man
It's Getting Better All The Time
How Long Gone
That's What She Gets for Loving Me
South of Santa Fe
My Next Broken Heart
Born and Raised in Black & White
Husbands and Wives
Rock My World
Hard-Workin' Man

For the 2nd show, Ronnie came out in "Red Dirt Road Dunn" - blue jeans, white shirt, denim jacket w/ upturned collar. Joey "Kix" had on jeans and a black shirt with white streaks. In this show they performed "Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing", complete with cowbell. "Kix" performed "Days of Thunder" from GHI. My favorite, of course, "You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl" had me dancing and pointing as usual smile.gif They also nicely-performed a Merle Haggard song (sorry if I mess up the title) "Tonight the Bottle Let me Down". Their encore song was "That's What It's All About" and I just loved it. "He's Got You" was another fav of mine last night.

The set list for the 2nd show, in order:
Little Miss Honky Tonk
Neon Moon
Whisky Under the Bridge
She Used to Be Mine
Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing
We'll Burn That Bridge
That Ain't No Way to Go
She's Not the Cheating Kind
Days of Thunder
A Man This Lonely
You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl
Tonight the Bottle Let me Down
He's Got You
Boot Scootin' Boogie
That's What It's All About

Wheew - I really did enjoy myself last night. Some of you will ask - Do Joey "Kix" and Ronnie look and sound EXACTLY like Brooks & Dunn? No, they don't -- always. But they look and sound A LOT like Brooks & Dunn and I think Kix and Ronnie would be flattered that these guys think enough of them and their music to take on this monumental task. Would I see them again? You betcha. Ya 'dunn' good, guys.