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About Borderline...


Ronnie Lee & Joey "Kix" Hart take great pride in faithfully performing all the Brooks & Dunn hits, and delivering a quality show that combines this great music with the showmanship, excitement, rowdy honky-tonk style, and - yes, a sense of humor - that have all become B&D trademarks.

Borderline is based in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and is a project that is very close to the hearts of the two guys up front.

Ronnie and Joey have been close friends for several years, playing in bands together and covering a fair share of material from their favorite Country duo. This project became a reality in March 2004, when Hart and Lee made a commitment to make this dream come true. "I'd been wanting to do a Brooks & Dunn Tribute for a long time," confesses Ronnie Lee. "It took me a while to work up the nerve to pitch the idea to Joey - I was afraid he'd think I was crazy!" Luckily, Hart immediately saw this as an opportunity to be a part of something unique and special, while doing what he loves most: singing and performing.


"I always considered it a huge compliment when folks would compare my voice to Ronnie Dunn's," Ronnie continues. "Brooks & Dunn have been my favorite Country act since their first album, and I've bought every album as soon as they were released...I've made it a habit to learn every single they came out with, because it's great music and always felt comfortable for me. Ronnie is one of the best singers ever, and singing his parts is a big challenge, but I sure enjoy it."

Joey is getting a Kick out of playing Kix, emulating the high-energy stage performance that Brooks is well known for. "I've always loved to put on a show", he says. "One night Ronnie and I were working in this club...he was singing "Boot Scootin' Boogie" and I was running around like crazy in this shirt with flames on it, and we both kinda looked at each other and smiled. We decided we'd like to focus on doing this Tribute act, and it's turning out to be more fun than we could've imagined."


Borderline made their live debut on September 4th 2004, headlining the Maury County Fair in Columbia, Tennessee, and has been performing for packed houses in Middle Tennessee, and will make their Las Vegas Debut at Gilley's in the New Frontier Hotel & Casino on Sunday March 20th.

Joey & Ronnie take you behind the scenes & tell the stories of how Borderline became a reality in these informative Q&A sessions - click on the names: