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Q&A: Ronnie Lee


Q: How did you come up with the idea of doing a Brooks & Dunn Tribute show?


Ronnie: “This project is fueled by a tremendous love and respect for the music. I’ve been a big fan of Brooks & Dunn since day one, and I’ve been singing most of this material for years…I’m extremely flattered when folks tell me I sound like Ronnie Dunn, because he’s one of the best vocalists in Country Music history. I’ve been out on the town and people yell ‘Ronnie!’ and I turn around, (‘cause that really is my name), and they’ll tap their buddy on the shoulder and say ‘See, I told you it was Ronnie Dunn!’ But lightning really struck me when I saw the ‘Honky Tonk Truth’ video, and Dale Earnhardt was impersonating Kix. I thought to myself, all I need to do is find somebody who looks like Dale and sings like Kix and I could do this! Then I met Joey a few years ago and the rest is history.”


Q: What’s the hardest part of pulling this act off?


Ronnie: “The voice. Sounding like someone is one thing, but actually delivering these songs with the heart and soul that Ronnie Dunn puts into every line is a real challenge. And not just singing, but my speaking voice too, because I want to stay in character when I talk to the audience between songs.”


Q: Okay, what’s the easiest part of pulling this off?


Ronnie:The response we get from the public, fans, and just about everybody is SO positive that it really fires us up. People love Brooks & Dunn, and those same people really seem to enjoy what we’re doing, so it’s usually a slam-dunk. And the hair…my hair kind of naturally does the Ronnie Dunn rooster thing in front…”


Q: What’s your favorite all-time Brooks & Dunn song?


Ronnie: “Obviously you’re talking to a hard-core fan here, so that’s a tough call…but I have a special love for “Born & Raised In Black & White” from the ‘If You See Her’ album. It’s the only time Kix & Ronnie have shared lead vocals on a true duet, the music is very powerful and the lyrics tell a great story.”


Q: Any last words?


Ronnie: “I want to dedicate this project to my Mom…she would have loved this. She would always come out to the honky tonks to hear me sing and she’d yell “Brooks & Dunn! Sing ‘Hard Workin’ Man’!” That was her favorite Brooks & Dunn song, and now when I sing it I look up to heaven and know she’s listening to us.”